Launch your Summer Campaign in the Mountains


Hiking, biking, climbing, water sports, local food, events and lots more – summer is waiting for us with nature, adventure and recreation in the mountains. 

And it is exactly this untroubled and happy environment packed with positive emotions where sitour offers the best out-of-home locations for advertising messages.
Advertisers reach their target groups at heavily frequented locations such as bottom and top stations of cable cars while they are relaxed and happy. Brands will be presented against the backdrop of a fantastic mountain world.

Being the pioneer for information and communication in the mountains, sitour offers a wide array of various advertising media suitable for any budget and request:

We at sitour care and respect the mountains’ unique nature and landscape – short transport routes, efficient recycling, and increasingly PVC-free materials.

sitour offers effective, targeted, sustainable and eco-friendly (D)OOH advertising in the mountains.

Why wait? Use the potential of your summer campaign in the mountains! For more information, please contact us!

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