CPS - Computer Panorama System

Indispensible ski run info system

Electronically controlled LED displays cannot be surpassed when it comes to fast and current recognizability. Whether for information, for advertising or for visualization of process data and measured values, sitour display systems with CP LED controls are the ideal medium for every purpose.

Moreover, LED systems offer the benefit of high visibility over large distances. Optimal visibility with high UV radiation in high alpine areas,
low sensitivity to humidity, long lifespan, no heat generation, low power usage, service-friendly and a very nice text typeface.

Is the lift to mountain station running now? A click of the mouse on the lift and the symbols change from “closed” to “open” on the fully connected panorama boards! At the same time, this status also appears on the Internet and on the interactive maps. In addition, simple weather information displays, LED tickers and LED graphic displays are controlled via the CPS system.

An important advantage of the CPS ski run info system is the media-independent networking of all panorama boards: the information can be transmitted over a network, wirelessly, over a phone line, GSM, glass fiber and even over the power line. You can even occasionally mix different transport media.