hand-painted panorama map

What is a hand-painted panorama map?

A hand-painted panorama map by sitour is a winter or summer panorama of a ski or hiking area, which details the landscape (mountains, valleys, forests, rivers, lakes, ...) and infrastructures (lifts, slopes, huts, paths, roads, towns ... ) of the respective region.

Why a hand-painted panorama map?

Especially when it comes to combining ski and hiking areas into large ski areas, the ski circuits and hiking regions cannot be represented as a whole with digital aerial images or Google Earth views, nor are all the details of the individual areas recognizable. Conversely, on a hand-painted panorama map, the skiing and hiking areas with their facilities and infrastructure are presented according to customer requirements. In addition, you receive a clear geographic representation of the entire wider area with all the important details and special features.

Hand-painted panorama maps are the perfect orientation aid in the mountains: they provide a quick, language-independent overview of panorama info systems, ski run signage systems, display monitors with digital panorama info systems and digital signage panorama and banner systems right in the area or on printed maps and folders, while at the same time providing extensive detailed information on the illustrated ski or hiking area.

How is a hand-painted panorama map made?

A hand-painted panorama map is preceded by a personal interview with respective customers, in which their requirements and wishes are clearly defined.

The team at the sitour Panorama-Atelier studio guarantees the best possible realization in a hand-painted panorama map of the highest quality: young, highly qualified panorama painters with graphic training in a higher professional school for design and panorama painters who have decades of experience and a large number of projects realized in various countries, undertake this task. They first make a pencil sketch of the respective area on the basis of modern media and technologies (satellite images, aerial photos, terrain photos, ...). After the customer approves this, the team begins the panorama painting: brush stroke after brush stroke and sophisticated techniques result in meticulously detailed work of mountains and rocks, snow, forests, meadows, lakes, valleys with roads, paths, rivers, buildings, .... (in so doing, attention is paid to coloring and dimensioning in order to achieve the corresponding spatial depth and harmony of the illustrations.)

The final step is to digitize the completed panorama map and create a so-called “overlay”. In this, the panorama painters digitally paint all the lifts, slopes, hiking trails, place names, pictograms, legends and much more. This is then placed on a separate layer over the image of the original hand-painted panorama map. This makes corrections and additions possible at any time without much effort. 

In 6 to 8 weeks, a custom-made, high-resolution and high-quality winter or summer panorama of a ski or hiking region is created.