LED Video Wall

LED video walls can be tiled together of individual LED display modules in various sizes and forms. Slim frames create a smooth video screen. 

Installation is possible indoors, for instance at entrance and access areas, or outdoors on facades or free-standing at cable car stations or in open terrain.

Depending on customer needs and location requirements (humidity, sunlight, differences in wind temperature) we create a modern high-quality system of weatherproof, durable hardware and high-performance, user-friendly software in the corporate design of the cable car company.

LED video walls provide important, flexibly controllable real-time information. Additional content entertains and shortens the waiting time at more frequented locations.

LED video walls are the ideal infotainment system for skiing and hiking resorts: perfectly visible live information on large LED screens improve service quality and safety on site, illuminance and stylish design will be remembered and will give the cable car company a modern image.