• Size: 300x200 cm bis 2700x300 cm
  • Ski resorts with Megaboards: 79
  • Total number of Megaboards: 533

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Panorama board, advertising, LED displays


  • Size: 2 variations of format
  • Panorama Info System resorts: 150
  • Panorama Info Systems total: 1045

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Advertising spaces in lift stations


  • Size: double & quadruple sized
  • Number of resorts with Posters: 150
  • Total number of all Posters: 1390

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Guiding system for pistes and lifts


  • Number of resorts with Ski Run Signage Systems: 150
  • Ski Run Signage Systems total: 463

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Trust in the best

With 1,000 ski areas, sitour is the largest corporate network

specializing in technology and advertising for ski areas.


Thanks to an extensive product range and expertise with cable cars, winter sports and athletes, sitour is a world leader in innovative solutions for media applications and technologies.

Our own developments from traditional boards to high-end interactive

centrally-managed network multimedia systems have set the industry standard for decades.


Expert teams in the company understand how to equip cable cars with technology and

how to create orientation and safety concepts for ski areas and entire mountain regions while making synergies with the advertising industry and promoting brands

whose infotainment concept results in added value for visitors.
Extensive consultations with technical staff from diverse fields provide

top quality standards and precise project management.


Both the advertiser and the cable car operator can profit from the synergies

of a central information point for extensive communication on mountains and in valleys, precise media planning and target group analysis.


Comprehensive research, analyses and statistics provide certainty for your economic plans.

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