advertising and orientiation
 advertising and orientiation
advertising and orientiation

Ski Run Signage System

Joining advertising and information – as is done in around 1,500 navigation spots in the mountains – ensures effective reception of advertising messages.

As the pioneer and initiator of modern and practical ski run signage for winter sport safety, sitour has produced leading ski run signage and orientation systems for over
50 years.

No matter what the language, ski guests can quickly and clearly explore the ski run system throughout the ski area. Hour by hour and day by day.
The traditional orientation guide on the mountain, the ski run signage system, is “used” by a guest an average of 10 times per ski day.

In addition to ski run names, numberings or level of difficulty of a descent, guests can also find directions on how to get to huts and lifts.

This results in millions of contacts.

sitour plans targeted advertising opportunities using its integrated mix of media.