Advertising that goes beyond the campaign: environmental and social


After the end of the campaign advertising media can be professionally recycled or upcycled in a social project.

Advertising spaces located at more than a 1,000 ski resorts worldwide make sure that sitour is the market leader for advertisement in winter sports resorts. Every year the advertising pro produces reams of advertising media for various campaigns. It is now possible to professionally recycle or upcycle these materials (fabric, PVC and, since this winter season, PVC-free canvases) in a social project after the end of a campaign. 

Canvases for indoor as well as outdoor advertisement have to meet high quality standards to withstand adverse weather conditions such as: snow/rain, wind/storm, heat/cold, sun… They need to be weatherproof, robust and durable. 

Materials that could be more:

sitour and its advertising clients revive disused advertising canvases. Discarded canvases become rucksacks, handbags or sport bags. These unique items carry on the advertising message, strengthen the image of the respective brand and may even have other positive effects, if, for instance, the returns are donated to charities.

The production as such creates social surplus value since every bag is handmade by people with disadvantaged backgrounds or elderly unemployed people. This project may be the first step to be reintegrated into professional life.