(Digital)Out-of-Home Advertisement in the Mountains with sitour


For the past few weeks sitour teams of Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain/Andorra, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been placing the new 2022/ 23 (D)OOH campaigns of international top brands as well as national producers and service providers at the ski resorts. 


Why (D)OOH advertisement in the mountains?

The unique mountainscape of the Alps, the relaxed atmosphere and the favourite sports away from the daily hustle and bustle support brand awareness and attention for (D)OOH advertisement in the winter as well as in the summer. 

Advertising sujets at highly visible and frequented locations reach a young, affluent and consumer-oriented audience through a longer period of time. (D)OOH campaigns will be remembered, will have a sustainable impact and a positive image transfer for the brands and products.


Why (D)OOH advertisement with sitour?

As pioneer for information, orientation and safety in winter and summer sports resorts and as advertising expert on the mountain, sitour has been offering the largest transnational advertising net in the alps for international, national and regional campaigns for more than fifty years. 

sitour produces analogue advertising media of various sizes and formats  as well as information and signage systems for advertising spaces and site-specific and flexible multi-media Digital Signage infotainment systems for product  and image spots. 

Together with the customer sitour develops a made-to-measure media mix containing planning, production, implementation, control and documentation


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