Guest information 3.0 in the St. Anton am Arlberg ski area


Last winter season, sitour took guest information in the St. Anton am Arlberg ski area to a new level: At the valley stations of the feeder lifts, guests are welcomed by video walls equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology. This upgrade of the information systems contributes significantly to the optimization of service quality and safety right from the entrance to the ski or hiking area.

To ensure the best possible display of relevant information on the information and guidance systems in St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben am Arlberg, each system generation has been equipped with the latest technology. The Panorama Info Systems and access portals have always been an essential part of the on-site guest service in the entire area.


Modern guest information through the ages

In the past, classic Panorama Info Systems provided ski guests with information at the cable car stations: a hand-painted panoramic map provided an overview of the entire ski area, electronically controlled LED displays on legend boards showed the current (operating) status of the gondolas, lifts, pistes and ski routes and LED tickers provided relevant and up-to-date information on ski operations.

As digitalization progressed in the cable car industry, sitour/feratel first converted the access portals at the valley stations of the feeder lifts in St. Anton am Arlberg into Digital Signage Banner Systems using software-controlled screens and then also modernized the panorama information systems.

The panorama maps and legend boards were replaced by 75-inch HD LCD screens. Their division into 1 to 3 horizontal zones enabled flexible, space-saving display of all relevant content: adapted to the location, season and time of day, the winter or summer panorama was displayed with current snow and weather data, avalanche hazard information and the time. Alternating with this, the screens showed images and films on various offers, events, gastronomy and much more. A separate legend screen provided live information on the status of the gondola lifts, lifts and slopes throughout the ski area.

As the Digital Signage Panorama Info Systems had proven themselves over the years as efficient sources of up-to-date and flexible on-site guest information, all systems at the valley stations in St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben were upgraded to the latest LED technology last winter. Since then, guests have been greeted by elegant, large, high-resolution Video Walls. The systems, which are made up of individual LED display modules, are characterized above all by weather-resistant, durable and service-friendly hardware as well as powerful, user-friendly software control. Six free-standing Panorama Info Systems and two wall-mounted systems provide guests with (live) information and entertainment videos that are optimally visible, individually and flexibly controllable, even from a great distance.

The upgrade of the panorama information systems in the St. Anton am Arlberg ski resort to high-quality LED video wall systems makes a significant contribution to the modernization and quality improvement of the guest service on site and thus to the safety of guests.