New Ski Run Signage System in KitzSki: clearly arranged, language independent, individual and modern


The Ski Run Signage System of KitzSki stands out due to its modern design and it guides skiers through the entire ski resort – with language independent colour coding and symbols. The new and modern info boards are prominently installed at eighty locations in Kitzbühel, Kirchberg, Jochberg and Mittersill. sitour collaborated closely with the marketing and technology department of KitzSki and the respective operations managers of Bergbahn Kitzbühel to plan and implement this large project.   

Ski Run Signage Systems by sitour set international standards. A key feature is to individually plan and design the system. Ski resorts can now customise signage systems, include own ideas and its corporate design to offer visitors a memorable and informative skiing experience. A wide range of colours and various formats provide numerous possibilities.  

A good signage system on the ski slopes is extremely important for the safety and the smooth organization and operation of a ski resort. The ski run signage system by sitour stands out due to its clarity and comprehensibility. Skiers and boarders easily find the right trail to ski thanks to clear pictograms, symbols, and clearly identifiable signs. Standardised colours help to identify the various degrees of difficulty and the right ski trail. Signage systems by sitour are universal and consistent and provide orientation. Visitors find their way through the resort with sitour’s informative and prominent signage systems.

sitour signage systems include important safety instructions and warnings to point out potential dangers. The symbols are designed language independently and are understood internationally.
Further, rescue points and emergency numbers are also included in the signage system. In the case of emergency this ensures clear orientation and effective communication.
Installation is done professionally with the help of gripper clamp-shackles, concrete base-ground sleeves, pile-driven foundations, and lots more. Frame systems by sitour provide additional safety.

On request the ski run signage system will be provided with LED modules, LED ticker, a Panorama Info System giving an overview of the ski resort and/or height adjustable steel construction to adapt to the varying soil conditions during the year.

Ski resorts like KitzSki use Ski Run Signage Systems by sitour to offer perfect orientation, information, and safety. Sitour signage systems guide skiers and snowboarders safely through the ski resort and make sure of memorable skiing experiences.