World novelty: Panoramic board with flexibly moveable magnetic LEDs


feratel/sitour launches the first panoramic boards with moveable magnetic LEDs in Snow Space Salzburg. A worldwide novelty with many advantages.

The new layer construction of the Panorama Info System consists of an aluminum back wall, the freely positionable magnetic LEDs, a high-quality textile tarp and a laminated safety glass, surrounded by a frame. A foil, also attached with magnets, with the panorama map mounted on the back wall ensures the precise positioning of the LEDs.


Obvious advantages

Modifications concerning ski-lifts, pistes or infrastructure facilities make the production of aluminum panels, drilling holes for the individual LEDs changes and the costly transport to the respective location (on the mountain) from now on superfluous.

Modifications on the panorama map (new lift, new track, new POI) can be implemented just as quickly and cost-effectively as the change from winter to summer panorama map by simply making a new textile tarp and the foil for the back wall.

A single person can do the uncomplicated change on site in a short time: Unfold the frame, replace the background foil, position the LEDs accordingly, and clamp the textile tarp.

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