PVC-free advertisement in the mountains: sustainable and eco-friendly


The Alpine bioregion needs to be protected and that’s why sitour relies on highest quality standards for the production, on short transport routes and increasingly on PVC-free materials.


Panorama Info Systems, Ski Run Signage Systems, Ski Lift Entry Gates or Megaboards: surrounded by the great alpine landscape sitour information systems and advertising media ensure orientation, safety and brand presence. Just like a gondola, they integrate in the respective concept of the lift operator without difficulties. 

sitour relies on sustainability, local connections and environmental safety in the development, the materials procurement, the production, and the recycling of information systems and advertising media. The use of polyvinyl chloride, short PVC, for instance, has been considerably reduced or even been replaced for various products.

As regards advertising media located indoors as well as outdoors, sitour has increasingly been relying on (backlit) Impacts made of high-quality fabric canvases. The resin-coated polyester canvas can be produced in various thicknesses and shows only a small share in PVC, weighs less and is easy to be depolluted. 

Entirely PVC-free canvases for Megaboards were tested for the first time in the winter season of 2021/22. These large-size canvases are made of high-strength polypropylene fabrics coated with polyolefin and are produced according to ISO standards. The latex printing technique used does not need any volatile solvents and polluting materials and is, therefore, presently the eco-friendliest alternative for wide-format printing.  

As to stress strain property, tensile strength and durability PVC-free canvases do not fall short of conventional PVC canvases. The raw materials needed for the production do not have to be imported from China but are supplied by local manufacturers from Germany, Austria or Italy. This guarantees: short transport routes and local value added


Why we want to do without PVC?

Despite some advantages, PVC is not an eco-friendly material: toxic chlorine and various plasticiser are needed for the production, UV-printing needs numerous polluting substances, and complex disposal as PVC is not biodegradable.


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