Teach Free Riders the ins and outs in your area. The innovative sitour FreerideCheckpoint provides an optimal basis for balanced – i.e. quick, transparent and language-independent - risk management.

The innovative system convinces users particularly with its flexibility. Individual modules which integrate existing on-site technology (CPS) allow maximum flexibility in individual combinations.

The central module concerns information about avalanches. The sitour system provides risk information for different times of the day (morning/afternoon) and different heights above sea level and additionally draws attention to dangerous places. The situation data is automatically retrieved via an interface from the respective avalanche warning services and displayed. The LVS Peep Checker, which is integrated in the system, offers enhanced security, as it provides not only Red and Green signals but also an Orange signal warning the Free Rider that the device transmits at the bottom standard limits (e.g. old device - frequency).

The local weather conditions, including
snow situation, wind velocity and temperature,
are further important parameters to evaluate the situation correctly. This situation data, which is also provided via LED display, can be transmitted directly to the FreerideCheckpoint together with the “CPS“ slope information system.

With the two Pro Riders Stefan Häusl and
Flo Orley, sitour moreover provides the unique opportunity to professionally identify and plot potential routes in an area. Upon request routes can be recorded with a camera to provide attractive multimedia presentation (e.g. on the LED screen of the FreerideCheckpoint, on the homepage, etc.).