Panorama Info System

The electronically controlled panorama info system provides all the important information at a glance: eye-catching, clear, simple and always complying with the latest technical standards.

With the direct electronic displays, the panorama boards show the current situational data – for instance what lifts are operating, whether ski runs are closed or if there is any risk of avalanche.

Naturally the current weather conditions,
including temperature, wind speed and snow depth, can be transmitted directly to the panorama boards with the “CPS” ski slope info system. Scrolling text also reports on current events.

A general language-independent display module provides guests with quick orientation and graphic-capable LED displays enable use of various font types, graphics and symbols.

Media-independent networking saves on expensive new cables and allows for easy expansion. Ongoing statistical documentation ensures reliable operation and corresponding verification via the information displayed on the panorama boards at the respective time.