iSKI Analytics

Tracking, challenges and fun for the skiguest, an efficient CRM and marketing tool for cable car operators - this is iSKI Analytics.


iSKI Analytics is for skiers and cable car operators worldwide: an attractive, detailled analysis tool and social network for the user and a comprehensive CRM and marketing tool for the provider. Tracking works via iSKI Apps or the daily ski pass. 


Added value for the ski resort


  • iSKI Analytics Dashboard: interactive grafics and Geo-evaluation of the skiers' trackings as required (time, gender, age, country of origin, weather, snow conditions...)
  • iSKI Analytics web widget for the customer website = additional traffic
  • valuable addresses for direct user contact with focused marketing actions (gamifications, virtual competitions)
  • comprehensive guest profile data for CRM (rankings, challanges, social sharing...)


Added value for the guest


  • combined ski day book: tracks + detailled analysis of the skiing activities
  • refinement of analysis data:
    - extended, refined analysis per day/season (location, activity, start time, end time, lift and pistes analysis, POI analysis, active & passive time, distances, elevation, speed (max + average), highest point, weather, ...)
    - attractive illustrations on maps, in grafics, on the interactive Skimap (e.g.: track line with geo-referring pictures)
  • social sharing: sharing skiing experiences with friends on Social Media
  • rankings and challenges: last activity in the ski resort, top 50 per day/season, me & friends (comparison with friends and all skiers of the iSKI community)


We would be happy to inform you personally about the advantages of iSKI Analytics.

Please send an email to or get into contact with your personal consultant.