Get things moving.

With the dynamically navigable ski map, you can show your guests everything your ski area has to offer because the interactive information system and direct links to Websites and live cams informs and motivates at the same time.

This includes ski lift and ski run information from the CPS system (open/closed), weather information and forecasts, snow info, links to panorama camera pictures, live cams, photos, etc., or a direct link to your own Website.

With the interactive ski map, you have a new and versatile marketing tool: dynamic depictions of your ski area can be used as a Web application for your Homepage or other Internet platforms and for integration into various Smartphone apps
(e.g., iSKI). In addition, these apps can be integrated into DigitalSignage Systems, into local cable television (InfoChannel) and into WebTV.

With simple menu navigation and up-to-date content, you can provide targeted interactive and motivating information.

You can read the most current information from your ski area via standardized interface directly in real-time or you can administer it yourself via an editing tool. Your own editing system (MCMS) allows you to also visualize highlights, infrastructure, etc., through text, images and film.