COVID-19: Protect your guests and customers

The current legal regulations for the prevention of infections by the Corona virus are challenging all companies with the most difficult economic and organizational tasks. Improving the working environment and protecting guests and customers is imperative at this time.

sitour/feratel is the specialist for analogue and digital information visualization (signs, LED displays, tickers, digital signage, etc.). Together with our employees in the areas of development and production we have launched numerous solutions and products over the past few weeks that will efficiently help you with your prevention measures

A central topic is, among others, access control and capacity limitation for certain areas. A sophisticated camera system is used for this purpose. Entrances and exits of persons are tracked and controlled, queues are quantified, distances between heads are measured, etc., and all this without the need for any personnel. Alternatively, the feratelCard system could also serve the purpose here. The information e.g. entry possible, please wait, stop, etc., is visualized and communicated accordingly on various media systems. We supply you with and deliver all the necessary hardware and software.

We would be happy to give you recommendations and to design, together with you, the solution that best suits your needs.