Off To The Mountains


Guiding guests efficiently and safely through the Alpine outdoors

The idea of unlimited freedom, recreation and adventure attracts millions of people every year to the mountains. Summer and winter. Skier, hiker and biker.

Parking chaos at the bottom stations, confused guests, crowded waiting areas, long waiting lines, grumbling kids, stressed out parents, and dangerous situations off the waymarked pistes and trails: scenarios like these can be avoided with intelligent channelling of the streams of visitors.

Our various solutions allow you go create a safe environment for a splendid time in the mountains.

Flexible Parking Signage Systems incl. various LED modules, intelligent signage systems and modern Digital Info Systems, video walls, Panorama Info Systems and control systems make sure your guests find their way in the mountains fast, safely, and language-independently. 

We are happy to assist you in developing and optimising an individual concept. Please feel free to contact us!