sitour Panorama Info System: new version made of aluminum and textile tarp 


Discover our new sitour Panorama Info System: The innovative combination of aluminum legends / frames and a light textile tarp can be produced at a reasonable price and is easy to install.


One of sitour's core competency is to create innovative Panorama Info Systems. 
We are specialized in developing a wide range of central info and signage systems in ski areas and hiking resorts. Winter and summer Panorama map such as classic or back-lit panorama maps, LED integrated panorama maps, panorama maps with flexibly moveable magnetic LEDs in combination with legends with LED status displays / LED tickers, high quality Digital Signage HD monitors or LED screens.


new cost-effective aluminum-textile tarp combination

Discover the new aluminum version of our Panorama Info System with one or two legends in combination with the panorama map made of a high-quality textile tarp. Our innovative version allows quick and cost-effective changes and installation of winter and summer panorama maps. 

sitour launched the textile tarp version with movable magnetic LEDs already in 2021. Now it is also available for the classic panoramic boards allowing a quick and uncomplicated changeover of the Panorama Info System: from winter to summer or reverse, in case of changes (e.g., new lifts, new pistes, new facilities, new POI...). A small effort and a convincing design.

sitour has always been successful in combining hand-made quality with innovative technologies and so creating state-of-the-art products that represent a real surplus for alpine winter and summer tourists

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about material, production and installation of the new version of sitour Panorama Info System!



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