Advertising in the mountains works!


Once more this winter season, the annual representative survey conducted directly in ski resorts by the market research institute "market" impressively confirmed the high advertising effectiveness of campaigns in the mountains and, at the same time, increased positive brand perception among winter sports enthusiasts.

sitour provides, in over 200 Austrian ski areas that transport 600 million passenger a year, the advertising industry with excellent contact opportunities to the active, high-income and consumer-friendly target group from the top countries Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The unique environment of the mountains and the most eye-catching, highly frequented advertising spaces combined with the most engaging advertising media guarantee each campaign optimal performance.

Platz 1 : At the entry and exit areas of mountain lifts, the Megaboards or Posters achieve the highest visibility, sympathy and optimum recall values among winter guests.

Platz 2 : The Ski Run Markers and Ski Run Signage System on the slopes are perceived as engaging and above all as safety and orientation measures

Platz 3 : Advertising messages as support for information and orientation on Panorama Information Systems enhance a longer stay and thus sustainable recall. Product and image videos on modern, digital screen systems also get high recognition.


The sitour team will be happy to inform and advise you about local, regional or national campaigns - tailored to your individual wishes and budget.